Catharine H. Brown

Asheville, NC

Exhibiting Member Since 1976

After three decades of working in clay, a longing for a transparent medium prompted Catharine Brown to trade in her ceramic kiln for two smaller class kilns and a host of new expressive possibilities. Inspired by the time she spends in her Japanese garden, she began to develop painted miniature landscapes for personal adornment and decorative purposes. Her “canvas” consists of two tiny pieces of glass, sometimes no larger than 1 square inch. She paints on one or both surfaces of each piece of glass with vivid enamels, adding colors and metallic leaf through successive firings, ultimately fusing the two pieces of glass into one, creating a miniature, multi-layered “floating” world. She also casts larger 3-dimensional forms of glass. Her forms can be figurative, abstract, and nature-inspired. The finished sculptures are incased in a strong, weatherproof styrocement, suitable for use in a landscape or an interior.

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