Cynthia Chuang and Ehr Ping Tsai

Locust Valley, NY

Exhibiting Member Since 2017

The jewelry that Cynthia Chuang and Erh-Ping Tsai create is as intricate and detailed as anything an emperor ever wore: rich with metals, semi-precious stones, paint and above all, porcelain and worked with colored clay inlays, underglazing, overglazing, and millefiore techniques. Their pieces invoke tradition in depicting the insects, butterflies and fish that have appeared in Chinese art for centuries. However, more importantly, it is the humoristic and whimsical nature of their wildlife jewelry that wins the love of so many. The vivid colors of the pieces, witty expressions of every character, and countless ways to wear them, bring jewelry design to a whole new level. These one of a kind pieces are unlike any other wearable art. Along with these creatures, come a decade of unforgettable and moving stories. Their ability to bring a smile to anyone’s’ face has had an impact on all of Cynthia and Erh-Ping’s admirers. Countless letters and e-mails are filled with heart-felt experiences and gratitude. Having the ability to bring happiness and amusement to people’s lives are what motivates these artists to continue building an amazing career that astounds all.

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