Jackie Taylor

Dandridge, TN

Exhibiting Member Since 1994

As a child in South Florida, I spent my days roaming paradise - jungles, forests, canals & culverts.  My fascination with adornment & design began here, with endless hours absorbing the natural world around me. While majoring in graphic design at the University of Tennessee, I began designing logos and t-shirts for local bands and student activist groups, and worked as a designer in the silk screen design department of the city's largest knitting mill, honing my skills and training my eye. A passion for design is like a filter through which everything is viewed... Only the media changed when I later attended college in North Carolina for a degree in metals. My design process begins with drawing, and can include constructing from sheet & wire, soldering, forming metal, kiln firing glass, wax carving, & casting. It is complexity of process and technique seeking that place of quiet stillness & perfection in classic simplicity of form. The mindset is one of constant striving, always pushing forward beyond the comfort zone of the known. Ideally my creative process can be both seen and felt in the work as it bridges the connection between our eternal quest for meaning and a continuing celebration of the beauty of the universe we inhabit.

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