Jackie Taylor

Dandridge, TN

Exhibiting Member Since 1994

My design process begins with drawing and can include wax carving, casting, forming, constructing from sheet and wire, resin, and kiln firing glass. It is complexity of process and technique seeking that place of quiet stillness and perfection in classic simplicity of form. The mindset is one of constant striving, always pushing forward beyond the comfort zone of the known. My mother was a student of fashion design in 1940's NYC; my father was a jazz trumpeter playing the big band circuit. Early childhood in South Florida was idyllic and happy, picking fruit and avocados from nearby orchards with the other neighborhood kids, and selling it door to door in our little red wagons. The Manhattan Project brought my family to Tennessee, and my next job at age 10 was supplying a film production company with live butterflies. This entailed catching and feeding various species of butterflies, and learning how to keep them alive in captivity with no wing damage. School seemed like a prison sentence, sitting there, counting off the years. My real life was in the woods, building forts, swinging from grape vines, studying ants, collecting butterflies, and reading. At age 18, I was sent off alone on a train to Memphis for my first year of college. Within a few short years my parents had died. The tilt and velocity of the planet had shifted, and the glittering fragments and smoldering ruins of what remained became a palette of materials to draw from.... First within the constraints of graphic design, and then within my metalwork. For me, Inspiration means the breathing in of light. This includes the legacy from the very first makers of amulets and talismans to the cutting edge creators of crypto-cerebral star maps. Like the ancient Buddhist monks, I write prayers of intention and throw them into the crucible at the moment of alchemical possibility. The resulting designs are all parts of a map, to chart the trail so far, and to illuminate the path ahead.

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