Julie Wiggins

Charlotte, NC

Exhibiting Member Since 2010

I enjoy the process of creating objects that stimulate the sense of touch with focus on utility and form. My work consists of a variety of steps from using a treadle wheel to molds, and finishing the pots with drawings, glazing and firing. I use a porcelain clay body and fire in a cone 10 reduction atmosphere. I use an inlay surface design and black slip for my imagery. My work is inspired by histories of environmental and architectural settings along with the repetition and quality of a line. The ceramic work I create is intended to be used in an everyday setting or for traditional use in the home. My recent body of work is a reflection of my studies and travels. Connecting history and contemporary influences has led my work to reflect traditional forms and cultural designs. My studies and travels have resulted in an honorary degree from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China, as well as trips through Europe and Mexico. These experiences have helped forge my creativity and continue to push my work into new directions that combine Eastern and Western influences.

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