Katherine Mathisen

Ocoee, FL

Exhibiting Member Since 2011

My love for plants, nature and the human form are communicated in my ceramic sculptures. Using simple gestures I convey human emotions and relationships. As my work continuously evolves, I eagerly pursue new challenges and look forward to the next step of this journey. My current work is hand built, with earthenware clay. I use a combination of glazes, engobes, colored slips, stains, terra sigillata & Egyptian paste on the surface of each piece. To create these unique surfaces each piece may be fired as few as 2 times or as many as 5. Some pieces are assembled after firing and occasionally I incorporate found objects and metal into a piece. To further enhance the surfaces I may use “Post fired” finishes including wax encaustics, acrylic paints, gold leaf and colored pencil. The surfaces of my work tend to be highly textured. Depending on the desired result I texture the clay at different stages from soft to dry. I want the surfaces to look familiar and mysterious at the same time. Often I create surfaces that inspire a desire in the viewer to touch the piece. Creating my own visual vocabulary I use symbols as part of the surface design. These symbols are inspired by nature, ancient cultures and others are designs that I create using found objects and everyday items.

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