Ricky Frank

Marietta, GA

Exhibiting Member Since 1988

I love light and color.  My earliest memories of feeling a sense of awe and peace were the times when I hiked through the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York while attending summer camp. I loved sitting by a stream, watching the water ripple  over the moss-covered rocks. I was captivated watching the sunlight sparkle through the birch tree forests as we hiked for days and days. Water was a constant presence in my life. It was always there, and ever changing with the weather, wind, and time of day.  I vividly recall staring up into the night sky and being amazed at the millions of stars flickering overhead.  Most of my imagery comes from my background in humanistic and performance psychology. I am fascinated with the process of human growth; how people change, grow, learn, and face fears. The technique of Cloisonne´offers both control and freedom. The wire work creates a structure for the beginning of the design process. Once I get my wires/lines bent and fired into place, it is difficult to "erase" them. This limitation frees me to think about the "panes of glass" I will create within the cells. I am free to play with color, light, and texture as I build up multiple layers of enamel colors.

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