Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission.  Thank you for your support!

BENEFACTOR ($5,000 and above)

Arbor Acres
Bill Benton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strickland Family Foundation – in honor of Tomi Melson, exhibiting member and former CEO
The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
Yadkin Valley Bank

HEIRLOOM SPONSOR ($2500 - $4999)

Ken & Carolyn Glazener*
Hon. Mr. & Mrs. William Graham

FINE CRAFT CHAMPION ($1,000 - $2,499)

Frances Brenner
Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm Brown
Sharon G. Hamilton & Larry E. Bohannon*
Ruth & Keith Kooken
Ellen Gregg Lebo
Adrienne Amos Livingood
Mary and Bob Mahoney
Ray and Cathleen McKinney
David Piner
TW Garner Food Company
Mrs. C.W. Womble

ARTISAN SPONSOR ($500 - $999)

Art for Law & Medicine, Inc.*
Melanie and Todd Barbee
Gregory and Pam Bradsher
Michael and BJ Buckland
Genie Carr
John and Cindy Cox Geddie
Mrs. Doris Deal
Ron and Jane Frazier
Bob and Maureen Ihrie
JDL Castle Corporation
Lea and Randy Loftis
Tomi Melson*
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP
Rob and Pam Saunders
Sandy and Bill Steele
Mrs. Judie Swain – in memory of Tyson Swain
Saybrook Capital
Dr. Jamie Ungerleider and Dr. Ross Ungerleider
Linda and Jim White


Lucinda Brogden* & Doug Easterling
Bell David & Pitt, PA 

COLLECTOR ($150 - $364)

Allman Spry Davis Leggett & Crumpler, PA
Gayle Anderson and Carey Hedgpeth
John and Hannah Appel
Steve and Kim Berlin
Lee and Shelby Chaden
Dek and Luci Driscoll
Borden and Ann Hanes
Dennis and Marge Hatchell
Margaret and John Herke
Robbie and Dave Irvin
Gair H. Jewell
Catherine M. Jones
Dr. Steve Mizel
Barbara Modena and Greg Berg
Patricia C. Pegram
Dennis and Suzie Ross
Fran and Bob Seehausen
Jack and Mary Margaret Smith
Charles and Martha Sutton
Jim and Pat Toole
Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce Architects, PA
Bill and Sally Wells
Wallace and Mona Wu

GUILD FRIEND ($100 - $149)

Janet Bealer*
Chris Flory
Lynn Hart
Kenneth Karpinski
Melisa and Alan Levin
Randy Melson
Anne Rudkin
Mark Wright and Peggy Gheesling

CRAFT FAN ($50 - $99)

Susan and Warren Jones
Fanny Stronach
John Wigodsky

* Exhibiting Members


A complete list of supporting and exhibiting member can be found in our 2015 Annual Report.


Bill Benton
Ken & Carolyn Glazener
Hon. & Mrs. William Graham
Sharon Hamilton and Larry Bohannon
Charlotte Hanes
Mr. and Mrs Robert Strickland


Henry and Elizabeth Booke
Frances Brenner
Mike and Wendy Brenner
Dr. Richard Brodkin and Mrs. Lois Buerkle
Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm Brown
Claire & Hudnall Christopher
Gail & Stephen Dula
Skip Dunn & Mia Celano
Lynn & Barry Eisenberg
DeWitt and Geoff Kierstead
Ruth & Keith Kooken
Ellen Greg Lebo
Adrienne Amos Livengood
Joe Logan
Mary and Bob Mahoney
Ray and Cathleen McKinney
Mrs. C.W. Womble
Susan Hines and Joe Worsham


J. Alger
Doug and Carolyn Bailey
Melanie and Todd Barbee
Michael & BJ Buckland
Genie Carr
Doris Deal
Libba Evans and Jim Lambie
Janet and Ron Frazier
Cindy Cox Geddie
Redge and Jane Hanes
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hughes
Bob & Maureen Ihrie
Randy and Lea Loftis, Jr.
John and Melinda McConnell
John B. and Grace McKinnon
Pam and Rob Saunders
Sandy & Bill Steele
Kathryn Williams, Ph.D.


Gayle Anderson and Carey Hedgepeth
Gregory and Pam Bradsher
Betsy & Jim Bethune
Sheila Brame
Lee and Shelby Chaden
Debra Diz and Mark Chappell
Don and Robbin Flow
Pamela Pryor Grace
Mr. & Mrs. F. Borden  Hanes, Jr.
Nathan Hatch
Charles and Susan Hauser
Leslie A. Hollan
David and Robbie Irvin
Frank and Dell James III
Gair H. Jewell
Betty L Kjelson
Kate Magruder Lambeth
Betty and John Mauceri
Ray & Cathleen McKinney
Dr. Steve Mizel
Barbara Modena and Greg Berg
Karen Morgan
Alex Norwood and Matt Dyson
Stephen & Carolyn Phelps
Patricia C. Pegram
Anita B. Phillips
Michael and Amanda Phillips
Nicholas and Lara Hanes Pierce
Margaret Scales and Graydon Pleasants
Suzie and Dennis Ross
Fran and Bob Seehausen
Anne and Tim Shelburne
Jack and Mary Margaret Smith
Nancy Spencer
Ken Steele
Charles and Martha Sutton
Judy Swain
Julie Townsend
Barbara Virtue
Judy & Bill Watson
Bill and Sally Wells
Ben & Tillie Willis
Jon Witherspoon
Wallace and Mona Wu



To Commemorate our 50th Anniversary, Piedmont Craftsmen commissioned a work of art to be created to recognize the donors to the 50th Anniversary Society.  Their names are list below as are our Gala Sponsors and other donors.

2014 Board and Staff50th Anniversary Society
Martha Alberston
Elms and Harriet Allen
Stephany and Bob Alphin
Bruce Anderson and Dr. Jim McCool
John and Hannah Appel
Doug and Carolyn Bailey
Melanie and Todd Barbee
Lin and Mona Barnhardt
Bell Davis Pitt, P.A. - Gala Sponsor
Carolyn and Michael Berry
Blue Rock AdvisersGala Sponsor
Elizabeth and Henry Booke
Sheila Brame
Frances Brenner
Richard Brodkin and Lois Buerkle
Malcom and Patty Brown - 50th Anniversary Society
Michael and BJ Buckland50th Anniversary Society
Colleen Byers and Sean Ploof
Gray Callison & Co. - Gala Sponsor
Jim and Gail Carpenter50th Anniversary Society
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Carr
Joan Celestino
Shelby and Lee Chaden
MaryBeth and Chris Chapman
Claire and Hudnall Christopher
Gail Citron
Susan Clapp
Pat Shore Clark
John and Gena Cocklereece
David and Carole Collins50th Anniversary Society
Kate Condon
Roger Cubicciotti
Doris P. Deal
Debra Diz and Mark Chappell50th Anniversary Society
Charles and Carolyn Duckett50th Anniversary Society
Lynn and Barry Eisenberg - 50th Anniversary Society
Aurelia Eller
Barbara Eure
Bob and Sara Fly
Garner Foods - Education Sponsor
Ken and Carolyn Glazener50th Anniversary Society
Jayashree B. Gokhale
Ron and Pam Grace50th Anniversary Society
Charlotte Hanes50th Anniversary Society
Elizabeth A. Hardin
Susan Harris
Lynn Sharpe Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson H. House
Bob and Maureen Ihrie
Frank and Dell James
Sarah Norman Jones
Kilpatrick Townsend - Gala Sponsor
Bob King Auto - Gala Sponsor
Ruth and Keith Kooken
Bob and Wini Kneijski - 50th Anniversary Society
Donice Kreeps
Suzy and Arthur Kurtz
Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate - Gala Sponsor
Barry and Diane Leshin
Adrienne Amos Livengood - 50th Anniversary Society
Gary Ljungquist
Joseph P. Logan50th Anniversary Society
Jim and Mary Allen Martin
Jennifer and Andy McCormick50th Anniversary Society
Chris and Jeff McFadden - 50th Anniversary Society
Ray and Cathleen McKinney
Grace and John McKinnon
Tomi Melson50th Anniversary Society
Gayle G. Meredith
Robert and Cama Merritt
Modern ChevroletGala Sponsor
Karen Morgan
Chad and Cat New50th Anniversary Society
Michael and Tog Newman
Marjorie J. Northup
Steve and Carolyn Phelps
Michael and Amanda Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Pitt, Jr. - 50th Anniversary Society
Pete and Sherry Polonsky
Ann Pulliam
Rita George Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Sammy P. Rothrock
Ann Rudkin
Roseann Rush and Ron Morris
Salemtowne - Gala Sponsor
Rob and Pam Saunders - 50th Anniversary Society
Marcus and Claudia Schaefer
Robert and Frances Sheehausen
Margaret L. Sharpe
Tim and Anne Shelburne - 50th Anniversary Society
Barry and Michelle Sigal
Tom and Pam Skinner - 50th Anniversary Society
Amy K. Smith
Sandy and Bill Steele
Dan and Carita Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Strickland - 50th Anniversary Society
Fanny Stronach
Tyson and Judie Swain
Kellon Tippett
Julia and Thatcher Townsend50th Anniversary Society
Randall and Claire Tuttle
Ann Van Every - 50th Anniversary Society
JoAnne Vernon and Ken Otterbourg
Susan Wall
Lloyd Walter
Jim and Linda White
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Willis
Debra Wishon - 50th Anniversary Society
Mrs. Martha Womble - 50th Anniversary Society
Ralph Womble and Ashley Edwards
Joe and Susan Hines Worsham
Karl and Sally Yena