Our volunteers are the unseen gears that keep Piedmont Craftsmen running smoothly. Whether they stuff envelopes, greet Loft Tour guests, model jewelry for bidders at our "Going Once, Going Twice" auction (a dirty job, but someone's got to do it), help mount exhibitions, or fill any number of roles during Piedmont Craftsmen's Fair, volunteers are vitally necessary to the success of anything we do. Click here for our on-line Fair Volunteer Form

It takes more than 100 volunteers to help Piedmont Craftsmen run smoothly. In the weeks leading up to special events, we need people to stuff envelopes and distribute posters. During the Fair and other events, we need lifters, toters, greeters, booth sitters, Information and Charge Card helpers, and more. Click HERE to download a copy of our volunteer form, and see if something fits your talents and time schedule.

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The Annual Piedmont Craftsmen Sherpa Award

Every non-profit organization relies on its volunteers. Hands on contributions are as important to us as the other forms of equity provided by contributors and funding sources. Since our inception in 1963, thousands of people have substantively contributed to Piedmont Craftsmen through their work on countless projects and events. Acknowledging those efforts is long overdue, so in 2009 we established the annual Piedmont Craftsmen Sherpa Awards.

If you don’t know what a Sherpa is, well you clearly haven’t climbed the Himalayas. Sherpas are native guides who command extraordinary respect for their skills in navigating treacherous terrain with incredibly heavy loads – taking their fellow explorers on adventures that involve scaling some of the world’s highest mountain peaks. And so, in the context of the volunteer world, our Piedmont Craftsmen Sherpas have been invaluable in helping our organization reach its heights. Our Sherpas are the folks who are always there when we have a project or event that requires heavy lifting – both literally and figuratively speaking. These volunteers work tirelessly on our behalf and without them we would be lost.

In honor of those who help lead us to our destination, we honor outstanding Piedmont Craftsmen volunteers at our annual meeting in November.

2015 Sherpa Award Winners:

Charlie Buchanan came to our rescue years ago.  When the weather starts to get cool and the advertising for the Crafts Fair begins to surface, we hear from him.  He is ready to put on the gloves, drive the Uhaul and get to work.  Quietly, he works with two or three other amazing Sherpas to bring in walls, plants, benches and more items than we care to list or you would want to hear.  He is there to load a mountain of items onto the truck and off, and then repeat again and again.  Sometimes the mountain is massive, but he never grumbles.  At the end of the Craftsmen’s Fair, he is ready again……. to move the mountain of items back onto the truck, off the truck into storage……. and repeat.  It is our great pleasure to honor Charlie Buchanan with a 2015 Sherpa Award.

Gregory Bradsher has been volunteering for the past eleven years.  One day you will see him looking very dapper with a suit and bowtie and the next time wearing gloves and carrying something heavy.  He has served on the board as Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, and recently joined the Endowment Fund Committee.  He has assisted with the Crafts Fair setup and break down for many years, worked on a variety of fundraising events.   During his financial reports, he brings wisdom, understand and reassurance, as well as, always bringing a smile to everyone’s face.   We are grateful for the different talents Gregory Bradsher gives to Piedmont Craftsmen and we are pleased to honor him with a 2015 Sherpa Award.

Jennifer McCormick joined Piedmont Craftsmen 2012 as an exhibiting member and she has worked on our behalf every day.  She has volunteered on the Education & Board Development committees, presented talks about her artwork in the gallery and in the schools, and assisted with grant writing and provided insight into the fast changing relationships between technology and the arts. She has served on the board and the executive committee for two years, volunteered for special events and come to the aid of the staff many, many, many times.  It is a great pleasure to honor Jen McCormick with a 2015 Sherpa Award.

2014 Sherpa Award Winners:

Dinny Forbes, has been involved with Piedmont Craftsmen since she was introduced by her parents when she moved to Winston-Salem more than 20 years ago.  She served on the Board of Trustees in the late 90s and was our Treasurer for two years overseeing our transition from paper and pencils to computer accountability.  Over the years, she has volunteered for the Craftsmen’s Fair by organizing fashion shows on Preview night, assisting with the Renaissance Pre-party, and booth sitting for artists.   She will even take the video camera and records the artists’ demonstrations for our records.  She receives the highest marks from the PCI staff for her assistance with breakdown at the end of the Fair.

She has worked on many special events.  Most recently, with 50th Anniversary Gala and in October, she co-chaired the Blue Jeans Ball.  Her duties included arranging for the facilities for the event and researching caterers and their menus. Thanks to her efforts and those of her co-chair, the event was a success.

It is with great pleasure we honor Dinny Forbes with a 2014 Sherpa Award.

Pam Pryor Grace, This Sherpa Award winner has been volunteering for the last 8 years. In 2009, she chaired the Lofty Ideas Tour Committee which showcased downtown living spaces.  This event required wrangling about 70 volunteers in 8 or 9 living spaces, coordinating the event with owners, and organizing the dozens of details involved in touring multiple locations.  She served on the executive committee for 5 years, from 2010 to 2014, serving as First Vice Chair for 2 years, Chair for 1 year, and Immediate Past Chair for 2 years.  Additionally, she served on numerous committees, namely Governance/ Bylaws, finance, personnel, development and fundraising, shop task force, 50th Anniversary, and 50th Anniversary Gala Committee.  It would be easier to list those she didn’t work on. She accomplished all of this while managing a busy career over the last few years.  (As a matter of fact she has just returned from Poland where she has been working for Ariba, Inc. a SAP Company)  She is also one of our favorite hat models and can often be seen sporting a beautiful handmade hat from PCI.  Very aptly named, Pam Grace is an example to all of us and a personification of the surname which describes her so well.  Thank you Pam for your excellence and dedication to PCI.

Karen Morgan, This Sherpa Award winner has been a board member for 3 years.  During that time she has served on the Membership Committee and the Development and Fundraising committee. She chaired the 50th Anniversary   Development and Fundraising committee, which has been no small task as we have celebrated this anniversary   for the past year with special events, exhibitions, and fundraisers.   Indeed she has been there for every fundraiser, setting up beforehand, working the event, and cleaning up afterward.  She often will help the staff clean up after board meetings.  It seems there is no task she won’t tackle and whatever she does, she thoroughly and well.  She has also served as our treasurer for the past 2 years.  She accomplished all of this while managing a busy career at Allegacy Wealth Management.  When we look for examples of leadership and responsibility we need look no further than Karen Morgan.  Thank you Karen on behalf of everyone at PCI for all your hard work and dedication to this organization.

Anne Shelburne, her leadership, dedication, tenacity, and professionalism have most notably resulted in two successful and commemorative years for Piedmont Craftsmen.  Anne has served as both guide and mentor to PCI’s exhibiting artists, to its staff, members, to the Board of trustees and to our community.

During her 6 years on the Board, Anne has served as Board Chair for 2 consecutive terms, 2013 & 2014.  She also severed on the Governance / Bylaws – 2009 – 2014,  50th Anniversary Committee 2012 – 2014, Development and Fundraising Committee 2012 – 2014, chaired the Unexpected Art Events 2014, Education Committee 2009 – 2012, and has been a Fair Volunteer.  Her love of crafts drives her to give Piedmont Craftsmen 100% of volunteer time.

Several newspaper articles have chronicled PCI’s history, events and its vital presence in our community during the time Anne has been our Sherpa. Anne has most definitely led the charge to the summit of our 50th anniversary!

It is with great pleasure I award Anne Shelburne, President of Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc’s Board of Trustee’s the 2014 SHERPA award.

Pat Taylor, When this Sherpa became an exhibiting member in 1992, she also became a volunteer and leader for Piedmont Craftsmen.  She has taken on big responsibilities for us over the years.  She is a past Standards Committee Chair and served on a task force in the 90s to review and revamp our standards procedures.  She served on the board during the years the board decided to buy the Trade Street location for the gallery and severing as Board Chair during the renovation of gallery.

Over the decades, this member has worked with our education program, assisted with offsite exhibitions and in the shop, and most recently served on a committee that worked on creating and defining a new a Emeritus Exhibiting Membership status for long time members who are no longer producing work.  She has never been afraid to tackle thorny issues and standup for what she feels is best for our Exhibiting Membership.

That’s why Pat Taylor is one of our favorite fiber ……….artists.

2013 Sherpa Award Winners:

Larry Bohannon has been an exhibiting member since 1974.  His journey with the organization started from the artist side as a woodworker.  Over the years he went to work for large banks and assisted Piedmont Craftsmen with his financial knowledge too.   He has served on the Board of Trustees and finance committee for the past six years.  But it wasn’t until he retired from his financial career that his new skills were realized.  For the past 4 years, Larry has been volunteering with the load in and out of the Fair equipment.  In his quite way Larry has given us his strength, durability and energy.  He is always looking for the next task, the next box to move, the next exhibitor to assist and the next mountain to climb.

Roseann Rush, When you’ve been in existence for 50 years, it means that, if you’re lucky, dedication passes from generations to generation.  We are that lucky.  There’s no question that this Sherpa has a Piedmont Craftsmen chromosome on her DNA.  She the daughter for a past Piedmont Craftsmen president, and volunteered at the Fair for the first time as a mere child, demonstrating wheel throwing.  As the co-owner of a local marketing agency, she donated her firm’s service as our Fair creative agency for three years, and instructed the Fair Coordinator in the delicate art of communicating with graphic artists.  She served 2 terms on the Board of Trustees, and for many years has lined up volunteer to help Staff label, seal and stamp nearly 1000 Preview Night invitations, saving our staff countless hours of excruciating dull work (to say nothing of our cuticles or paper cuts).  Even though she asked to bow out of her stuffing duties this year (we can’t imagine why), we still love her!

Sara Sloan Stine, This Sherpa is quite and low profile, and few of our exhibitors would know her if they saw her, but it’s thanks to her that Fair Visitors know who you are.  Every year since 1999, she’s processed huge quantities of information emailed to her in multiple file formats and whipped it in to shape to produce our booth signs, Exhibitor and sponsor badges.  That’s probably about 2000 booth signs and we don’t even know how many name tags. She carefully handles last minute booth changes (yeah, it happens), re-makes name tags when the Fair Coordinator sends her incorrect information, (yeah, that happens too), and is quite possibly one of the few people who is even more unflappable than Deb.

Wylie Yarborough, Since it’s our 50th Anniversary year, it seemed important to recognize a supporting member who has been here since the start.  Over the decades, Wylie Yarborough served on Piedmont Craftsmen’s Board as a Trustee and as Board Chair.  He worked tirelessly over the years as a volunteer doing whatever need to be done and as our advocate in the community.  Fifteen Years ago, he met a first time Fair Coordinator at the Convention Center at 6:00 a.m. to help insure that the pipe and drape for the Exhibitors’ booths would be set up properly.  Even now he shows up at Gallery Hops and exhibition openings with a big smile and even bigger heart.  For 50 years he has been a supporter, a leader, a volunteer and most defiantly a Sherpa.

2012 Sherpa Award Winners:

CHUCK HEATH, During the early 2000’s Piedmont Craftsmen was having a few growing pains and accomplishments.  The organization had taken on a large debt by purchasing a space in the Downtown Arts District.  We need leadership and vision to guide the organization with fundraising for the project, construction and most importantly having a variety of people – both artists and business types – effectively work together on this project.

In Chuck Heath we had the right combination.  He had spent his employment years working with the “suit types”, but his leisure time was with his wife Sue and their enjoyment of bird carving.  Chuck lead by example as an Exhibiting Members.  When it was decide that an art auction would be the best way to raise lots of money for the renovation of the new gallery, Chuck and Sue were among the first artists to donate one of their beautiful pieces.  He knew for this project to succeed, both the artists and the supporters would need to be engaged.

Chuck served on the Board for six years and as the Chairman in 2004.  He respected those he served with and in returned gained their appreciation and admiration.

PAT MAUCK, Once upon a time, long ago, phones were not smart, the internet required a noisy modem connection and very few craftsmen had their own merchant service providers, so Piedmont Craftsmen processed charge for them using a Hypercom terminal.  The Fair volunteers that manned the charge card booth need to be a hardy lot, led by someone with a good head for numbers, an unshakeable calm nature, a sense of humor, and the patience of a saint.  For nearly ten years, we had such a chair.  She round up and scheduled her volunteers, she was the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave after batching out the charge sales each evening.  As technology changed, she unflappably weathered the digital vs. analog Hypercom crisis of 2009, the unchangeable battery debacle of 2010, and the bad-cell-signal scandal of 2011.  Even though she has stepped down as chair of our Charge Card Volunteers, she still volunteers, and this year cheerfully made the leap to wireless internet credit card processing, declaring happily “Oh! This is EASY!”

And, on top of that she loans us her husband for 5 day every November.

Charge on, PAT MAUCK!

JOANNE VERNON, has been a member of the Piedmont Craftsmen’s board for almost seven years.  Among her most recent contributions, she took a leading role in our efforts to update our legal documents and organizational by-laws.  We spent more than a year going through these old documents, cleaning them up, updating the language, revising them… and revising them gain and meeting…. and revising them… and meeting again.  The result was an elimination of inconsistencies within the documents, bringing them up-to-date and in alignment with each other.

This marketing professional has business savvy with an entrepreneurial spirit and the know-how to get things done.  She has a breadth of knowledge that proved just right for the time and was much needed to move us forward.

She has served on and led various committees throughout her tenure on the board, and was willing to serve as a 2-term board chairperson.  Everything she lends her hands to really is “Practical Magic”.

2011 Sherpa Award Winners:

BILL BENTON, In the Pantheon of outstanding volunteers, our first
recipient occupies a very special place.  Dating back to the early 1980’s, Bill Benton has had a long history of commitment to PCI - giving his time, his expertise, his vision, and employing his powers of persuasion on our behalf.  He took the lead in finding Piedmont Craftsmen a new home - securing financial commitments from across our community to fund the acquisition and renovation of our space on Trade Street and setting PCI on the path to financial stability.  He has been an avid collector of the work of our exhibiting members.   From Board member to Board Chair to Fundraiser to Donor, Bill has been a true champion of our organization.   Literally, PCI would not be where it is today without Bill’s passionate advocacy and his drive to do right by the organization.  Throughout the last 30 years, his commitment to Winston-Salem’s cultural community has extended to The Winston-Salem Symphony, the Arts Council, The Piedmont Chamber Orchestra, among others.  He is a Sherpa to the Sherpas.  We are grateful for all that Bill has done for us and are so pleased to honor him.

LUCINDA BROGDEN, Leadership, like next spring’s wardrobe, comes in a variety of styles.  Lucinda Brogden possesses that most desirable quiet leadership style that inspires respect.   She has strikingly keen powers of observation and the ability to reduce information down to the essentials.  She knows what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.  She has a wealth of professional experience that she brought to bear on PCI’s behalf through our Strategic Planning efforts and our Board Development work.  Lucinda’s creativity is manifested not only in the objects she makes with her hands, but the contributions she makes to her community, her business clients, and her volunteer commitments to Piedmont Craftsmen.  As an Exhibiting Member and a Board
Member, Lucinda understands the creative equation from both sides.  Lucinda’s volunteer contributions to Piedmont Craftsmen stretch back way past her 2 terms on the Board including a long commitment to the exhibitions committee.  We hope she will continue to offer us her leadership skills in her last year as a Trustee and going forward as a valued member of our guild.

SUSIE CHRISTIANSEN,Over the course of the last two years, Piedmont Craftsmen’s Board of Trustees have put their shoulders to the grindstone – working through a number of very important structural documents that comprise the framework of our organization.  From a new Strategic Plan, to a new mission statement, new organizational goals, and updated by-laws, we have carefully deconstructed and rebuilt the backbone of this non-profit.  We needed a very gifted Sherpa for this particular journey and Susie Christiansen generously took on the mantle of leadership - guiding us through some of the most mind-numbing details with great patience and very successful results.  Susie has been long associated with Piedmont Craftsmen, not only as a Board Member for 2 terms and 7 years, but also as a very important helpmate for her husband and exhibiting member, Dempsy Calhoun.  Susie knows all about setting up and tearing down and working through the long days of the annual Craft Fair weekend.  She has been a great advocate for our craftsartists and a deft leader through the re-writing of our by-laws.  A fan of Piedmont Craftsmen since the early 1980’s, Susie has been exploring her own creative endeavors for several years now.  We will miss her as she takes her hiatus from our Board but we send her off with tremendous gratitude for all she has done for us.

CINDY COX WILSON, Cindy Cox Wilson’s sunny disposition, can-do attitude, and  willingness to do anything on behalf of PCI will be sorely missed when she rolls off the Board this year.  She has put her entrepreneurial spirit to work on our behalf in countless ways  but with the same outcome – when you work side-by-side with Cindy you come away from the experience knowing you have not only made a positive impact but you will always be one of her fans.  Although Cindy has volunteered to sit on various committees, sitting isn’t her M.O.  She gets in the thick of things and delivers the goods.  And speaking of goods, there are woozies and koozies, banners and key rings, t-shirts and sweatshirts, all designed and embroidered by Cindy’s company, ArtWear.  We don’t really have to ask Cindy to whip us up something, she readily offers us some really great swag.  Cindy,  we hope you won’t go to far afield from us as your tenure on the Board expires.  We will continue to need a regular infusion of your sunshine.

2010 Sherpa Award Winners:

Annie Van Every, Exhibiting Member: Annie Van Every has served the organization since she was juried in as an exhibiting member in 2002. Straddling two levels of involvement, as an exhibiting member and a member of the Board of Trustees, Annie has brought her artistic sensibilities to her work with our off-site exhibitions and has offered her time and expertise to many of the projects undertaken by the Board of Trustees. Annie acted as spokesperson for our exhibiting members with a clear and thoughtful voice – keeping her fellow artists always top of mind.

B J Buckland, Supporting Member: We think BJ Buckland is both a Sherpa and a Pioneer. BJ doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. A long time collector of our members’ works, BJ has been volunteering in a variety of capacities for a dozen years. BJ has served on the Executive Committee for 4 years (at least) including two terms as Board of Trustees Chair. In addition to her many Board responsibilities, BJ can be found with painting pedestals like a pro, stuffing and addressing envelopes, participating in all our fund-raising events. She and her husband Mike have also generously opened their art-filled home in Trader’s Row to us on numerous occasions. Our ambassador throughout the community, BJ has graciously offered to take a leadership role in the celebration of Piedmont Craftsmen’s 50th Anniversary.

Gail Citron, Supporting Member: In the non-profit world, there are volunteers and there are VOLUNTEERS. The kind who will not only sit on a committee or two, but will also tend to the often mundane tasks of addressing envelopes, organizing other volunteers, and showing up for all our events. Gail Citron is an “all caps” volunteer. Since the early 80’s, Gail has been a regular member of our Board of Trustees – rolling off each time her term expires and coming back for more. Amazingly unflappable and with quiet determination, Gail works behind the scenes greasing the wheels of any project with which she is involved. A constant presence at our annual Fair, Gail is unabashed about her love of this event. It is, as she says, “my favorite weekend of the year”. We hope that Gail’s love affair with Piedmont Craftsmen will continue to burn bright in the years ahead.

Tomi Melson, Exhibiting Member: Since 1974, this crafts artist has been a major presence not only within our organization, but throughout Winston-Salem’s arts community. Known to all as a Proselytizer for Piedmont Craftsmen, Tomi Melson is a prime example of the Sherpa ethic – always willing to take on any task asked of her and volunteering to shoulder more than her fair share. Tomi helped guide our organization both as a volunteer and as CEO – seeing Piedmont Craftsmen through our relocation to the heart of the arts district. A big proponent of Piedmont Craftsmen’s educational programs, Tomi has played key roles in organizing and executing exhibitions of our members works in venues near and far. With all the zeal of true believer, and with her big heart and bigger smile, Tomi continues to bring new converts into the fold and make substantial contributions to the organization, for which we are all grateful.

2009 Sherpa Award Winners:

Barry Eisenberg, Supporting Member: Known for his unwavering volunteerism, Barry can be counted on to do whatever we need – from toting boxes for the Loft Tour to consistently showing up at Gallery Hop to assisting with load-in and out at the Crafts Fair.  His unflappable personality and good humor make him an absolute joy to work with.

Carloyn Peddycord, Supporting Member: Carloyn started volunteering for us about 6 years ago and can be counted on to participate in any event we can dream up. Carloyn has wrangled food and gift donations from local area businesses for Loft Tours, Gallery Receptions, Craftsmen’s dinners, for Auctions and Raffles, you name it.  Suffice it to say we don’t want Carloyn to fall into the hands of other non-profit organizations!  She is our own WMD – weapon of mass donations.

Betty Helen Longhi, Exhibiting Member: Because we are a regional guild, our exhibiting membership is spread far and wide.  This means our local crafts artists bear more of the volunteering burden – an imbalance we acknowledge.  Betty Helen has been an exhibiting member since 1976.  As a longstanding volunteer on the exhibitions committee, she has used her keen attention to detail and aesthetic acumen in the installation of our off site exhibitions.  She can also frequently be found wielding a paint brush and roller as she provides a face lift to the well-worn pedestals we use for displaying our members work.

Oz Mauck, Supporting Member: He is Oz, the great and powerful, driver of the much-mourned Suburban, howler at false trees, stacker of park benches, schlepper of sponsor boards.  Whatever needs doing, he does it each year for Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair for as long as we can remember.  Starting early Thursday morning until the last pedestal is safely restacked in Piedmont Craftsmen’s basement and the door sponsor boards are tucked away in our dark and scary storeroom on Monday afternoon, Oz the magnificent is on the job.  Without complaint, without question, and with endless good will, asking in return for nothing more than a parking pass.