Nan Jacobsohn: Lion Mask


Price: $1,260.00

Nan Jacobsohn: Lion Mask

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Nan Jacobsohn: Sparta, TN
PCI member since 2004
Measurements: approx. 25" x 15" x<7" br> Materials: Clay
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About The Artist 

Art is, on its most basic level, a form of communication. My work is definitely autobiographical and I choose to create from my own experience because I can communicate those subjects with a passion. Superficially, I seem to have two basic directions; horses and women. In reality they are the same. I use a lot of personal symbolism in my work. I use horses often to represent life's journey and to represent myself. A friend once referred to my female subjects as issue prices. It is never my intention for my pieces representing women to be in any way anti male, but only what it is like to be a woman. I work with clay because I love the fact that I interact directly with the material. There are few tools to get in the way of the creative process. I am also a closet pyromaniac. And love working with fire. The natural origins of clay appeal to me also. There are many layers to a piece of work. It may be amusement at my visual jokes, a thoughtful moment or a theme that resonates with their own life or a shape, surface or line that attracts their eye.


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