New Life Members Are Honored


Beginning with our 50th Anniversary in 2013, the Board of Directors decided that every five years the organization should celebrate the organizations accomplishments and the talents of our craft artists.  To celebrate our 55th Anniversary, this tradition was continued with the announcement of eighteen new Life Members at the Annual Meeting on November 18th.

Each of these artists have maintained their membership for the past 45 years or longer.  With their strengths and vision, our organization grew and became the benchmark for excellence that it is today.

William and Katherine Bernstein, exhibiting members in glass since 1969
Dempsy R. Calhoun, exhibiting member in metal since 1971
Janet Fischer, exhibiting member in metal since 1972
Lynn Hope McNees-Sams, exhibiting member in metal since 1973
Robert Kopf, exhibiting member in wood since 1973
Tyrone & Julie Larson, exhibiting members in clay since 1972
Lucy & Thomas Moore, exhibiting members in fiber since 1971
John Nygren, exhibiting member in glass since 1969
Ron Propst, exhibiting member in clay since 1971
Susannah Ravenswing, exhibiting member in metal since 1973
Alice Schlein, exhibiting member in fiber since 1971
Winthrop Schwab, exhibiting member in wood since 1973

The Board of Directors also recognized three supporting donors for their continued support:
Lynn Hill – for over four decades of leadership and support
Oz and Pat Mauck – for over three decades of volunteering at the Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair.

Congratulations to these new Life Members!

Pictured above, from left to right: Lynn Hope McNees-Sams, Pat Mauck, Oz Mauck, Lucy Moore, John Nygren, Susannah Ravenswing, Winthrop Schwab, and Ron Propst.