Illuminating Our Reflections: Lamps and Mirrors

Illuminating Our Reflections: Lamps and Mirrors

an exhibition by Trista Chapman, exhibiting artist in Clay, and Robb Helmkamp, exhibiting artist in Wood. Open April 8th-30th.

New work by Chapman and Helmkamp takes a look at the past two years of darkness and uncertainty, while looking forward with light and hope into the future.

“Specifically defining our existence within a limited scope of parameters is a symptom of fear and failure in our society. The meaning of life is to be who you are. We can all be a woman, a man, and anything around and in between. Each of these mirrors carries with it a message of love, kindness and peace created with the zero’s and one’s used in binary code… and with these words you can look into the mirror to find your true self.”

Robb Helmkamp has been an exhibiting artist member since 2013 from North Charleston, SC.

“Making stylized contemporary furniture, sculpture and accessories is a culmination of my life experiences. My dad was a naval officer. On the opposite end, my mom was a clay artist. Machine versus Craft. Throughout most of my life I was surrounded by air shows, naval bases, art and craft shows, and galleries. My fascination with the military machine would forever cast an inquisitive light on my art and woodworking. I make the work I do to explore the influence of the military on my life. By juxtaposing wood and metal, light and dark tones, smooth and rough textures, I use wood as a canvas. My intention is to investigate and embrace this dichotomy to find a way in which I can express these opinions, likes, dislikes, fears and concerns. Pushing my own boundaries and skills as a woodworker, I use furniture making as an expressive form of communication.”

Robb also has a podcast Why We Make, a collaborative project with Erik Wolken, both furniture makers and sculptors, seeking to create a narrative about investigating the intersection of “why” people make and “where” their inspiration and excitement to make comes from.

Trista ChapmanĀ has been an exhibiting artist member since 2006 from Fredericksburg, VA.

“My 4000 square foot studio allows me to equip the space with all the tools that I need to make any type of work I choose. Currently I am working with low-fire primarily, with a good degree of mold work. This includes press molding with slabs and casting. Much of my work is assembled by stacking parts and adding feet as well as playful knobs and handles. My work has evolved from a simple approach to a more layered and complicated process involving sgraffito and painting, both free form and deliberate. I have a whimsical approach to both form and surface treatments, yet my work still remains primarily functional.”