Barbara Polin

Elkton, VA

Exhibiting Member Since 2004

I use a technique on fabric and leather called marbling, typically performed on paper, which dates back to the twelfth century in Europe. The marbled design is achieved by floating acrylic ink pigment on methylcellulose, a substance similar to unjelled gelatin. After the desired amount of ink is applied, the design is made by dragging a comb like tool across the surface of the ink creating the marbling pattern. The fabric or leather is then laid on the surface and lifted and a print is made. Only one print is possible per inking. I have taken the marbling process to another level in applying it on fabric and leather. Since my main focus is making garments, my marbling tray measures 48” x 96”, big enough for a complete garment. An extra pair of hands is needed to handle the large size of the fabric.

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