Mary Ann Forehand

Mooresville, NC

Exhibiting Member Since 2003

My pieces are figurative in intent and represent the relationships and emotions that shape us as we move through life. I am drawn to the imperfect as I believe in the originality and uniqueness of each hand. I want the viewer to see the evidence of my hand in my work, thus creating a personal connection between myself as the artist and the viewer. In this way, my work retains an interest and meaning absent in the "perfectly" manufactured ornaments we wear and use. Enameling is the process of applying and firing colored glass grains onto metal. In order to arrive at the finished design, many firings and applications are usually necessary. I have an extensive background in painting. The process I use to apply the enamels to the metals is very similar to painting. This involves much subtracting (grinding off) and addition of more enamel and metal to the design. After I am satisfied with the design I finish the surface so the glossy finish from the kiln is gone and it becomes very much like a painting. The surface is then protected with a hard wax finish.

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