Chrissie Callejas

Vilas, NC | Inactive

“The question I get asked the most about my work is “what is it?”. Both my paintings and my sculptures are somewhat abstract versions of a variety of fruits and vegetables. They may start out as an apple and end up a strawberry. . . What I see as one object , may appear another to someone else. I really hate to limit the definition, because actually it is more about color, shape, and texture. These elements are what is important to me, and I love it most when people react to the strength of those elements. My sculpture is made from a very underused type of stoneware clay called paperclay. The body of the clay has paper pulp in it, which burns out in the firing. It results in a very light piece. It is also fun to work with, because it is very forgiving, allowing me to work in ways that was impossible with other stoneware clays. I love working in white clay because it takes the underglazes and glazes in vibrant glory.”

Chrissie received a masters in art education in 1974, concentrating in painting and ceramics. In 2000, she began painting again, typically using acrylic paints on watercolor paper. Other materials she uses are oil pastels and conte crayon, sometimes ink. . . “whatever it takes to enhance my paintings”. Chrissie has been a full-time studio potter since 1980. She lives with her husband near Boone. Her work is also available at Main Street Gallery in Blowing Rock, NC.