Ginnie Parrish*

Cary, NC | Provisional Member

I have loved art since 1 was a child, taking my first private lessons at the age of 11. I earned a degree in studio art and experimented with various art mediums before discovering and becoming hooked on polymer clay. I found the medium to be very versatile, satisfying my desire to use bright colors, fun images, and intricate patterns.

I design and create colorful, whimsical trinket boxes, bowls and other vessels, ornaments, and jewelry, as well as other functional and decorative art out of polymer clay.

Using the millefiori or cane making technique, I layer the colored clay to create designs or images that run lengthwise through a tube of clay so that when sliced, each slice is a duplicate of the design. The cane designs and other interesting techniques are used in my polymer creations which are fired in a standard oven to harden the clay. I often add beads, feathers, wire or found objects for variety.