Jan Kransberger

Asheville, NC | Exhibiting Since 2008

I choose to explore the power of subtlety in the human form through kiln cast glass. The slightest shifts within a form determine great differences in mood or expression. I pare down shapes and exaggerate isolated elements accentuating their strength – at times highly stylizing the form. I am most interested in creating a “harmony” within my pieces. I like the tactile qualities of glass and the way light comes off the surface more than the traditional beauty of the material, its glossy, smooth surfaces and light transmitting capacity. Incorporating sterling silver, fine silver, copper and steel wire into the glass produces wonderfully unpredictable, sometimes mysterious colors, never occurring the same twice. My work is greatly inspired by nature (mainly human nature), the emotions nature evokes in us.Themes I pursue in my work or the techniques used for its execution may vary and can represent any current fascination, obsession or concern where glass merely becomes the vocabulary to express something which often is difficult to articulate.