Jon Ladd (Emeritus)*

Cookeville, TN | Provisional Member

My name is Jon Ladd. I make leather belts and goods. Maybe that’s too simple a way to look at it. But that’s what I do and I do my best to do it well. The hard way, with hand tools, one belt at a time, sized to fit you.

I work mostly with English Bridle leather and for my belts I import my leather from England, from a tannery doing things the same way since 1841. I like that mentality. The thought that this is the way we tan leather. There are no substitutes or cheaper alternatives. Just the way it is done. I understand that. I appreciate that. I strive to make that same commitment to my work.

Each bag is hand cut, hand worked, and designed by me. With thought to the modern world, classic style, and simple function, I believe each to be a simple pleasure.