Betty Helen Longhi Retrospective

10/09/21 - 12/31/21

Betty Helen Longhi Retrospective   An exhibit of work made between the mid-1970s to today, from celebrated master metalsmith & educator.

There are two ways in which Betty Helen Longhi hopes her work will speak to people. The first is the expression of beauty and the way in which beauty can uplift the human spirit. The second comes from her strong wish to create work that will give an aura of peace as an antidote to the troubled times in which we live.

Jewelry, sculpture, and functional objects in this exhibit have been hammered, fired and cast from gold, silver, bronze, copper, pewter & niobium. Their fluid forms encase and surround shells, pearls, sand, stones, driftwood, and feathers Work in this exhibit includes her very first, a brooch from 1969, to some of her most most recent projects.