Pots & Prints

04/05/19 - 04/27/19

Ceramic artist Evelyn Ward and print artist John Furches.  April 5th – 27th.

Evelyn Ward has been an exhibiting member since 2015. She is from Hurdle Mills, NC. Evelyn creates salt fired functional pottery. Some of the pieces are glazed, some are decorated with colored slips. Salt firing is a process in which salt is added to the kiln at the highest temperature combining with the clay on the surface of the piece and resulting in a distinctive clear mottled glaze. Each piece will be a little different depending on its placement in the kiln.

John Furches has been an exhibiting member since 2015 also. His etchings and aqua-tints are produced from hand-drawn zinc plates. He then hand tints some of them with watercolors. His work explores the natural world around us. An avid birdwatcher, John’s etchings are snapshots of an intimate view of micro environments we overlook in our busy world today.