Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission.  Thank you for your support!

BENEFACTOR ($5,000 and above)
Arbor Acres
Bill Benton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strickland Family Foundation
The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County

HEIRLOOM SPONSOR ($2500 - $4999)
Don and Robbin Flow
Hon. Mr. & Mrs. William Graham
Bob and Maureen Ihrie
Adrienne Amos Livingood

FINE CRAFT CHAMPION ($1,000 - $2,499)
Frances Brenner
Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm Brown
Sharon G. Hamilton & Larry E. Bohannon*
Kelia D. Coffey
Lynn and Barry Eisenberg
Ken & Carolyn Glazener*
Ruth & Keith Kooken
Ellen Gregg Lebo
Ray and Cathleen McKinney
Janet W. Montgomery*
David Piner
Sandra Steele
TW Garner Food Company

ARTISAN SPONSOR ($500 - $999)
Mike and BJ Buckland
Mark and Susan Doughton
Mr. and Mrs Stephan Dula
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes
Lynda and Don Sanders*
Charles Watson



COLLECTOR ($150 - $364)
Hannah Appel
Bobby and Jane Caviness
Campbell Cawood
Lee and Shelby Chaden
Thomas D'Alessio
Robert and Laura Dillard
Linda T. Gitter
Pam Pryor Grace
Leslie Hollan
Tamison Jewett
Kate Magruder Lambeth
W. R and Lea Loftis
Randy Melson
Tommie Melson
Fran and Bob Seehausen
Monta Smith
Patricia Sokoloff
The Village Tavern, Inc.
Thomas and Laura Von Ahn
Mrs. C.W. Womble
Karl and Salley Yena

GUILD FRIEND ($100 - $149)
Robert and Stephany Alphin
J. Bryan and Stephanie Andrews
Betsy Bethune
Perry and Thorns Craven
Doris Deal
Christine K. Flory
Peter W. Hairston, Jr.
Elizabeth Hardin
Lynne Hart
Margaret Herke
Alex Hitchcock
Jack and Shirley House
Lucia Hughes
Sharon Doyle Johe
Peter and Beth Juran
Jeff Lindsay
Dr. Jim McCool and Bruce Anderson
Barbara McFadyen*
Tim Prout
Deborah Rubin
Rob and Pam Saunders
Barry W. Sigal
William and Betty Simpson
William and Christy Spencer
Fanny Stronach and Mike Horn
R. E. and Kay Triplett
Dr. Jamie Ungerleider
Janie and J.D. Wilson
Gary Whitaker

CRAFT FAN ($50 - $99)
Sarah Barnhardt
Steven and Linda Block
Christopher and Julie Brogen
Mr. and Mrs R. A. Cash
Frank Conlon
Donna L Cowden
Evalyn Crawford
Fred P. Crouch
Linda Dubose
Shirley Fly
John T. Gordon
Donice A Krepps
Lynda M. Moss
Judith Mullane
Nargish Tulshi Murchison
Mary Perkins
Anthony and Hope Sanfilippo
Susan Schwartz

* Exhibiting Members