Education in the School

Every year, Piedmont Craftsmen presents Living Craft: Crafting Life , a program that serves over 1,200 students in elementary, middle and high school. The program was designed to meet the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Visual Art Standard Goal 8: "The student will develop an awareness of art as an avocation and profession." Living Craft: Crafting Life consists of Craft Career Day, one day in-school workshops and week-long residencies. The program is funded by an Arts In Education grant from the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

Craft Career Day is designed for high school students and introduces roughly 350 arts students to professional craftsmen, craft educators and arts managers. Through a series of informal, small group discussions with leaders from each field, students learn about art careers and employ critical thinking to their own vocational development as potential arts professionals. Presenters deliver technical information, discuss historic and cultural influences, and answer questions posed by the students.

In-school workshops consist of demonstrations, power point presentations or hands-on projects for K-8 students. Our professional craftsmen share knowledge in their areas of expertise, discuss vocational training and show examples of their work. They share specific cultural influences which give global perspective and discuss how this perspective enables them to develop their personal imagery and style.

Residencies are designed to give WS/FC high school art students an in-depth experience through a grade-specific hands-on project that incorporates art, math, history, science and English. Students work on individual projects as well as communal ones that permanently enhance their schools. Through the residencies, craftsmen demonstrate the feasibility of art as a vocation and the opportunity for lifelong creative learning.

This project was made possible with funding by The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County and The Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Schools in our City of Arts and Innovation.

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