News about two Exhibiting Members

Those of you who were at the Fair might have noticed the absence of Lucius DuBose, Exhibiting Member in Printmaking. He had a valid reason for not being there, namely, heart bypass surgery. He is home and doing well, and very grateful (1) that he was diagnosed before they left home to come to Winston-Salem, (2) that he received such excellent care at Vanderbilt in his home town of Nashville, TN, and (3) for all the good thoughts, prayers, and cards that have come his way. Here is a note from Lenda’s latest email to us: “I was aware all last weekend of folks at the fair thinking of us, which brought great comfort. One of the pleasant surprises of having this happen when we were scheduled to be at the fair is we have gotten several cards from people who must be customers, whose names we sometimes recognize, but without a face, we have no idea who they are. Each one puts a smile on our faces. People are so kind to take the time to contact us, and we are so grateful for all the healing thoughts, prayers, and good wishes.”
If anyone would like to send Lucius a card, please contact Deb and she’ll give you his mailing address.

The studio of George Handy, an Exhibiting Member in Clay and Mixed Media, was destroyed when a van crashed through it one evening in late October. Here’s how a newspaper article described the incident. If you’d like to do anything to help him rebuild, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with him.