As a non-profit arts organization, Piedmont Craftsmen relies on support from those who appreciate fine contemporary and traditional craft.

Our donors and partners provide essential operational support for the organization, help to fund and develop our educational programming and community projects, and allow us to produce gallery exhibitions that feature the work of our nearly 400 member artists. As part of the fabric of the arts community, you help spur dynamic growth in the world and culture of fine craft. Explore the ways you can support Piedmont Craftsmen today.

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Gifts Of $5,000 - $15,000

Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County
Bob & Maureen Ihrie

Gifts of $1,000 - $4,999

Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm Brown
Noel “Skip” Dunn & Mia Celano
Don & Robbin Flow
Lynn Sharpe Hill
Jeff & DeWitt Kierstead
Ruth & Keith Kooken
Gary Ljungquist
Tomi Melson
Phoenix Packaging
Tom & Pam Skinner
Jim & Linda White

Gifts Of $250 - $999

Lin & Mona Barnhardt
Janet Bealer
Michael & B.J. Buckland
Butler & Burke LLP CPAs
Elaine Butler
John & Molly Cain
Gail & Stephen Dula
Pamela Pryor Grace
Jennifer & Benjamin Graves
Borden & Ann Hanes
Leslie A. Hollan
JDL Castle Corp.
Gair H. Jewell
Amber Koger
Sue Ann Langfitt
Grace & John McKinnon
Tog & Michael Newman
Nancy Pajewski
Lara & Nicholas Pierce
Tim Prout
Saybrook Capital
Vickie & Jim Spencer
Sandy & Bill Steele
Judie Swain
Charles Watson
Wallace & Mona Wu
Sallie & Karl Yena

Gifts Up To $249

Martha Albertson
Wendy Allen
John & Hannah Appel
Lauren Azevedo
Doug & Carolyn Bailey
Mary Beth Blackwell & Chris Chapman
Mary Bond
Robert A. Cash
Bill Cowden
Dede DeVries
Patricia Dixon
Kathy Doub
Chris Flory
Dinny Forbes
Linda Garboczi
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gfeller

Linda Gitter
Tally Gordon
Kate Hanley
Eugene Heise
Alex Hitchcock & Marshall Tyler
Mrs. Jackson H House
Cathy Howe
O’Neal Jones
Peter & Beth Juran
Donice A Krepps
Jeanne Maher
Mary & Bob Mahoney
Lynnette Matthews-Murphy
Nargish Murchison
William Nash
Dan & Robin Noakes
Courtney & Lee Peterson
Kay Sanders

Lynda Sanders
Susan & Jerry Schwartz
Fran & Bob Seehausen
Betty L. Simpson
Elizabeth A Sloan
Fanny Stronach
Claire & Randy Tuttle
Jack & Joy Van Zandt
Charles & Erika Von isenburgrg
James M Walter
Alan Watts
Randy & Terri Welfare
Margot Wharton
Gary & Pam Whitaker
Mary Lynn & John Wigodsky
Willard Wolfe
Karen Wrona

Gallery Exhibitions


Featuring art in a variety of media that is literal and/or metaphorical interpretations of hibernating, burrowing, cocooning, nesting or hunkering down.

06/16/21 - 10/31/21