Piedmont Craftsmen’s day to day operations and live events such as the Annual Fair and occasional Auctions and Galas, could not happen without help. Volunteers are vital to the health of any non-profit, and Piedmont Craftsmen is no exception. From our volunteer Board of Directors and Committee Members to the friends who show up to lend a hand where needed, our volunteers provide all the wise and thoughtful, nitty gritty, down and dirty, seen and unseen “grease” that keeps things running smoothly. Click here to fill out and submit a Volunteer Form


In 2009, Piedmont Craftsmen established the Sherpa Awards to acknowledge the efforts of so many volunteers over the years. Some gave by working on countless projects and events, while others were contributors or provided impactful leadership to the organization.

Our Sherpa Award is named in honor of the native guides of the Himalayas who carry incredibly heavy loads while taking fellow explorers on adventures on the world’s highest mountain peaks.

Since 2009, thirty-five individuals have been honored with this award.


Donations During COVID-19 are Helping Us Evolve

Like so many other organizations, we are in a period of dependence on the kindness of our donors to remain open and functioning during the pandemic. In addition to simply keeping the lights on, however, this support actually fuels a great many changes at Piedmont Craftsmen, which will help to shape our future and our evolution as an organization. Financial support helps to fund several new initiatives that we are putting our full weight behind. These initiatives include widely expanding virtual exhibitions and digital artist interactions, developing new online craft education platforms, researching and implementing our plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and launching our new online shop – among other things. Piedmont Craftsmen is so very fortunate to have […]


We love our volunteers, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not providing opportunities for volunteers. Check back again in 2021. Thanks.