Piedmont Craftsmen Sherpa Award

Piedmont Craftsmen is please to announce the presentation of a new volunteer award at its annual meeting on November 22nd. The Piedmont Craftsmen Sherpa Award is named in honor to the native Himalayan guides who command extraordinary respect for their skills in navigating treacherous terrain with incredibly heavy loads while taking their fellow explorers on adventures that involve scaling some of the world’s highest mountain peaks.

In the context of the volunteer world, our Piedmont Craftsmen Sherpas have been invaluable in helping our organization reach its heights. Our Sherpas are the individuals who are always there when we have a project or event that requires heavy lifting – both literally and figuratively speaking. These volunteers work tirelessly on our behalf and without them we would be lost.

The 2009 Piedmont Craftsmen Sherpa Award was presented to:
Barry Eisenberg – supporting member
Betty Helen Longhi – exhibiting member
Oz Mauck – supporting member
Carloyn Peddycord – supporting member