Living With It!

We’re starting a new group of blog posts called “Living With It!” Piedmont Craftsmen is all about living with beautiful handmade things – whether they’re wearable, functional, decorative, or just plain fun, let us see pictures of some of the wonderful things you’ve collected at Piedmont Craftsmen over the years. Show them being worn, being used, being lived with and loved. We’re starting with Tim and Deb Britton, who between them have nearly 70 years of collecting to account for. Look closely and you’ll see 2 Cynthia Wynn tables serving as plant stands, a rare Tom Suomalainen vulture, and (sort of blurry) several Katy Gibbs naked bunny vessels in the tchotchke cabinet. Send your images to, with a brief description, and we’ll post them on the blog, and link to our facebook page.