Artists Talking to Artists

Don’t you love getting inside the minds of artists? So do other artists! And Piedmont Craftsmen artists Robb Helmkamp and Erica Stankwytch Bailey do just that.  

Wood sculptor and furniture maker Robb Helmkamp collaborates with Erik Wolken to make the podcast Why Make, where they interview other craft artists, often also working in wood, and investigate the source of their inspiration. Fifteen episodes of Why Make can be heard and downloaded here.

Jewelry artist and metalsmith Erica Stankwytch Baily has an Instagram Live interview project, Working Knowledge. Listen to Erica talk with Piedmont Craftsmen artists and others about their processes, inspiration, and current events shaping their studio practice.  Tune in to Working Knowledge on Erica’s Instagram handle @ericasbailey, Thursdays at 4:30pm ET.