2023 New Members

Presenting our 2023 New Members
Craft artists from all over the country were given the opportunity to become part of Piedmont Craftsmen’s craft artist guild. Through a yearlong jury process and careful consideration, 15 artists were selected to become Exhibiting Members for the quality of their work and originality of design.
The 2023 New Members Exhibition will be open February 3rd-March 31st
Clay|Marisa Mahathey, and Wendy Converse
Glass|Jean Cheely, and Joshua Solomon
Fiber|Katie Allen, Jude Stuecker, Kim Schalk, Mark & Teri Craven, and Heather Cohen
Metal|Cathy Vaughn
Mixed-Media|Cara Bevan, and Kathleen Janke
Jewelry|Michele Friedman
Wood|Craig Kassan, and Brian Brace