Alchemy: A Process of Transformation and Creation

05/06/22 - 05/28/22

An exhibition featuring Exhibiting Artists Vicki Essig in Fiber and Rosario Garcia in Jewelry. This exhibition is open May 6th-28th. Work is available for purchase in store and online!

Vicki Essig has been an Exhibiting Artist Member since 2000 from Asheville, NC. She is a full time artist living and working in the mountains of North Carolina. Studio work includes weaving and paper making, collecting and observing. Her work is quiet, contemplative, and deliberate. “On a good day, I am surprised by the time that has slipped away as I witness where I have been and where I am going, traveling by foot or on the space in front of me at my loom. In viewing my work, my hope is that, for at least a moment, you become lost in the discovery of the minute, the quiet of repetition, and the beauty of nature and pattern. Alchemy is the transformation of matter. My work consists of mostly simple components that come together as an illustration of my imagination. I like the idea that changing materials can be seen as magical.  In my work, a silk thread can change the mood of a room, calm a mind, or quiet a problem.  That’s alchemy.”

Rosario Garcia has been an Exhibiting Artist Member since 2017 from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. “Over the years jewelry has connected, civilizations, fashion styles and time periods, my goal is to connect to new generations trough my work. I’ve always been strongly attracted and influenced by the beauty of nature. Everything with organic lines capture my attention. Art is form in the inside, it grows and it has to be delivered, it will make an statement for itself out of your control; then people will see it and define it in many different ways.”