11/01/19 - 11/30/19

Clay Artist, Marina Bosetti, and Jewelry Artist, Una Barrett are featured in the November Gallery exhibit entitled “Earthbound”.

Una Barrett is from Eugene, OR and has been an Exhibiting Artist since 2010.  From Una’s artist statement: Wearable and sculptural jewelry is created by incorporating sterling silver, bronze, copper, gold, and many other materials. The fusion of the ancient past and modern society is the focus of the work. Inspiration for forms and concepts of the jewelry is pulled from ancient functional and sacred objects of many cultures.

Marina Bosett is from Raleigh, NC and has been an Exhibiting Artist since 2008.  From her artist statement: “Ceramic Artist and Tilemaker, Marina Bosetti developed a wax-resist glaze technique through trial and error, only to find out it had a time-honored history going back to the 14th Century, called cuerda seca. Influenced by both the Art and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau, she combines the aesthetics and function of one with the linear designs and flowing curves of the other to create contemporary designs that can be used in today’s homes as well as in traditional bungalows.”