Welcome, 2016 New Members!

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Each year, roughly 100 craftsmen from across the United States submit applications to become Exhibiting Members of Piedmont Craftsmen.  The rigorous 2-part peer jury process ensures that those chosen for membership are among the most talented, imaginative and visionary artists working in their respective media.

At this year’s Craft Fair, the standards committee invited the following 20 artists to become exhibiting members.  The artwork of the 2016 new members will be featured in the Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery during the  “New Members Show” in March of 2016.


Zan Barnes
Santiago Gutierrez
Lee Hazelgrove
Judy Robkin
Courtney Tomchik

Cara May
Vickie Vipperman

Syed Ahmad
Michael Mikula
Carol O’Brien & Paul Willsea

Penny Atkinson-Potter & TJ Potter
Melanie Miller
Debbie Noiseux
Suzan Scribner-Reed

Terea Merriman
Julie Sewell

Tim Arnold
Mark Ellis
Alicia Williams