2019 Craftsmen’s Fair Award Winners

 Every year at Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair, three exhibiting artists are presented with an Award of Excellence. A three person committee, which changes every year, is invited to choose three artists who are Exhibiting Members of Piedmont Craftsmen whose work (regardless of medium) exemplifies Piedmont Craftsmen’s standards of technical excellence, creativity, and innovation.


The Honorees at the 2019 Fair were:

Kristin Schoonover, Exhibiting Member in clay since

Amy Flynn, Exhibiting Member in Mixed Media since

Linda F Gourley, Exhibiting Member in Printmaking since


Since 2015, Exhibiting Members in Fiber Linda Sanders and Beverly Dawson have presented the Dawson and Sanders Award of Excellence in the Fiber Arts.

Their selected 2019 Award Winner was Kami Watson, Exhibiting Member in Fibers since 2019