Cara Bevan

Trinity, NC | Exhibiting Since 2023

Cara Bevan is a natural artist and lover of nature. Born and raised on an animal rescue farm and nature preserve in 1988, she grew up understanding and appreciating all animals. They were her friends and family, teaching many valuable lessons along the way. Each animal, from cats, to dogs, chickens and peacocks, goats, sheep, pig, horse, llama, and even emu, had their own personality. Each animal had its own way of communicating, fostering a love for all things animal and nature.

‚ÄčAs she was painting animal portraits, she also began sculpting using gourds. Grandmother Yvonne “Sam” Spinks introduced her to the amazing gourd and its many uses in art and craft. Cara’s first humble gourd sculpture was a turtle, fueled by her love for animals, and her passion for mixed media 3D work grew from there. In 2013 Cara discovered the love of children’s book illustration and writing. Even in her first years of painting portraiture, her desire was to tell stories with her work. Tell the lives of animals, their history, unspoken words they had to say with their eyes and features. It was a natural fit for her to begin illustrating. She danced back and forth with the type of art she wanted to create, enjoying all mediums in their own unique way. In 2015 she quit painting portraits to focus fully on sculpting and illustrating.