Jennifer McCormick

Winston-Salem, NC | Inactive

Encaustic means “to burn in”. It’s an ancient painting medium using a mixture of molten beeswax, damar resin, and pigments which are then fused by open flame. Encaustic also has the ability to build lush surface textures-it can be metled as smooth as glass, layered with translucent color and carved to high relief to create sculptural surfaces. I spend equal amount of time in the “additive process” of painting as I do with “reductive process” of piercing, scraping, carving and re-evaluating each piece. You may also notice their scent-the damar resin I melt into my painting medium is also used to make Tibeten Holy Incense. The aroma creates a magical sensory experience when the wax is warm. My content is deliberately non-representational, but hopefully evocative of the way we feel when we travel and find new places that feel as familiar as home, or when we fill with recognition that someone else’s home is as precious as our own.