Lynne Sward

Virginia Beach, VA | Inactive

Writing a biography is challenging – how do you fit 60 years into less than 150 words and make it sound interesting, intelligent, honest and humorous? Short, energetic, spiritual, creative, compassionate, blue-eyed, dedicated, fearless, and gregarious accurately describe me. For over 20 years, my art has been included in juried shows throughout America and I am represented in over a dozen books including “Anatomy of a Doll” and “Fiber Arts Design Books 2,3,4 and 5”. For over 30 years, I have shared my experiences and talents teaching ages 4 to 84. Like other forms of art I pursue, the dolls I create are born from an imagination focused on communicating with an original, personal language striving to inspire and transform. For me – making art is a daily ritual equal to loving, mothering, eating, and breathing.