Lyle Wheeler

Millers Creek | Exhibiting Since

Thank you for your interest in Wheeler’s Chairs and the woodworking studio of Lyle Wheeler, Chairmaker.  I am a one horse shop, specializing in handmade ladderback chairs featuring traditional tools and styles from the late 1800’s in native Appalachian hardwoods.  Wheeler’s Chairs also offers a full line of bench made furniture and furnishings of the period.  I make great wheel spinning wheels, skein winders and other tools to satisfy the fiber conversion demand.  The majority of the work is done on a commission basis after design, details and delivery are agreed upon in advance with each client.  When not hunting, fishing or otherwise fooling around, I’m in my woodworking shop or blacksmithing forge most every day. My work is currently on display at The Gallery at Plays in Mud Pottery in Asheville NC.


Lyle Wheeler is a member of the Souther Highlands Craft Guild invited to present their work in this year’s 60th Annual Piedmont Craftsmen Fair honoring a long-time partnership with our fellow guild.