John Russell

Linden, VA | Exhibiting Since 2012

Light surrounds and reflects off a photographed subject to create a vision and essence of that subject for others to experience.  This can also be said of my wood-turnings.  I inlay many of my vessels with minerals, such as opals, turquoise, and pewter.  Each tiny piece of gem or mineral is chosen for its size, and then is meticulously placed into the natural grooves and fissures of the wood in mosaic-like fashion.  The pewter is melted onto the wood’s surface to create a perfect balance of the coolness of the metal with the warmth of the wood.  The way the light reflects off of these inlays, as well as the shape and grain of the wood, allows the vessel to take on a personality of its own.  My role is to help to express that personality in the vessel’s final shape.  The addition of an inlay, a lid, or other woods as adornments, are expressions of that personality.  By combining the natural elements of the wood with another natural element, mineral, the harmony is maintained.