Rodger Jacobs

Newland, NC | Exhibiting Since 1994

The decorative vessels that I make use the outside shape of logs to help define form. The natural rims or edges appeal to me as a maker and through subtle manipulation bring motion and life to my work while still preserving a style that is informal. For the past few years, my main focus has been the vessel’s bottom or base and the relationship it forms with the surface that it rests upon. The “Sneaky Series” lifts the vessel on legs and lets it sneak or dance across that surface. The “Ambush Series” sweeping legs create inner tension and the vessel appears to be poised to spring from that surface. My reasons for making are many and varied. Parts of them are personal; there is also ego gratification and peer recognition, which are real, and need to be recognized; but the greatest motivation is curiosity. Every time I see a piece of wood I wonder.