Jason Green

Boone, NC | Exhibiting Since 2018

In 2003 I was in graduate school, had already earned a masters in economics, and I had completed all but my dissertation for a Ph.D. But I was not interested in what lay ahead of me, likely working for a corporation, commuting in rush hours, being away from nature all day, and never producing anything concrete. At the time, what really grabbed my attention was my first woodworking class, which I was taking from a local fine furniture maker. I knew that I wanted to create objects that people could physically and emotionally connect with. So I left school to pursue woodcraft as a livelihood. The following year, I attended the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, ME. I then moved to Boone, NC to work in a cabinet shop. I followed that with a series of commissions. Finally, in January of 2009, I started my business.

I make art that is inspired by, and in some way emulates, the natural world. I also am drawn to art and craft that uses one material to imitate another, adding an unfamiliar texture to a familiar form. For me, the feel of wood is as important as the look of it. I therefore make pieces that beg to be touched. I sculpt cairns from various hardwoods using power saws and sanders. Some of these are fixed compositions, while others are kinetic, allowing the viewers to adjust the look. While some of these cairns are sculptures, most are lamps. I encourage customers to use their hands when appreciating my work, and I therefore spend a great deal of time in surface preparation and finishing.