Walt Cottingham

Zirconia, NC | Exhibiting Since 2019

I originally learned to work with wood by helping my father do carpentry work around our home in Henderson County, North Carolina. This groundwork inspired me to build my own home in 1978. During this process, I used many of the techniques and ideas that are evident in my craft work today. I used recycled materials such as old windows and doors, and a floor that is over one hundred years old. I took wood from the forest for large beams, even a maple tree for a central post.

After this, I turned my attention to woodworking with a renewed emphasis and vigor. I was inspired by crafts I saw in galleries and thought that the experience I had using natural materials as well as recycled ones might lead to some interesting creations. After reading a number of books on birdhouse construction, I began moving my designs away from the predictable and into more creative and individual pieces.

The wood I find provides the basisĀ for the products I create. My goal is to produce pieces which possess rustic beauty and functionality, while in the process giving new life to old, unusual, or discarded materials.