Deborah Appleby

Southport, NC | Exhibiting Since

Glass and Light Dance as my works explore a blend of traditional and modern texture through an abstract world of glass construction. Components are created and blended together to create illusions of texture, depth and color causing the eyes to dance and play around each piece of glass displayed. I began my artistic journey with pottery over forty years ago.  I meandered into the world of glass in 2017 with beginnings in stained glass. As my curiosity grew, I began to explore fused glass work.  Primarily self taught, I dove deeper into experimenting and working with kiln fired glass (aka Fused Glass). As I discovered texture and design, I began to incorporate geometry and patterns with inspiration from old quilts patterns, Native American design, and Art Deco design. I began to take workshops with other artists to gain more skills and find my own artistic voice. In January 2020, I took a leap of faith and moved to Southport, North Carolina. My home studio is set up and I work almost daily cutting, fusing and creating. This is now how I make my living!  Additionally, I teach Stained Glass and Fused Glass classes through Brunswick Community College Southport and The Leland Cultural Arts Center. It is an honor to create pieces that will bring a smile, share love and show it is possible buy handmade in America.