William and Katherine Bernstein

Burnsville, NC | Exhibiting Since 1969

Katherine Bernstein creates figurative relief sculptures in cast lead crystal, using subjects drawn from friends and family. She is fascinated with the relationship between the modeled form and the polished block from which it emerges. Her works also create an unusual dynamic between the weight and mass of the figure and the crystal’s translucence. William Bernstein is drawn to the possibilities of both surface imagery and form in glass. He was drawn to glass as a medium because of the sheer joy of glassworking, the sensuous softness of hot glass, its speed, grace and the rich historical association with the vessel. He is known both for his vessels with fauvist-like face imagery rendered in vitreous enamels and for his lively, good natured dancing figures with goblet heads. Katie and Billy also collaborate on their easily recognizable “face” goblets, glasses and pitchers.