Michael Mikula

Cleveland, OH | Exhibiting Since 2016

Michael Mikula is always looking up – examining the built environment for its patterns, forms and details to spark his imagination.

Early to mid twentieth century Art Deco structures most often attract his attention for their optimism and celebration of craftsmanship and ornament as important components.

Michael’s process uses multipart graphite molds as a tool to reinterpret architecture in blown glass, highlighting the visual effects of positive and negative form. Industrial architectural landscapes and the restless energy of cities point the way for this body of work, with references to the effects of time and remembrance of place.

With a jazz-like sense of improvisation, Michael composes each mold from a large and growing library of interchangeable parts that he mills and hand carves. As a result, no two compositions are ever alike. Once cooled, the resulting deeply dimensional blown forms are cut open, polished and thoughtfully recomposed within an integral metal armature of anodized aluminum and stainless steel.