Justin Harrington

Clemmons, NC | Exhibiting Since 2024

From his shop in Clemmons, NC, Harrington designs and crafts his own custom knives and swords. Take a look at any of his designs and you will note there is an organic flow to the entire knife, with gentle curves gracing the blades and handles. You’ll note quickly that his handles are very ergonomic and utmost comfortable, they feel like they melt right into your grip. “I specialize in and prefer to use exotic natural materials but use everything under the sun,” he says. “My work is sole authorship including pattern welded steel and leatherwork.” There is an organic flow to his knives, with the curves placed correctly in the handle and blade to highlight both form and function of each. Knives are tools and knives are also art. If you want functional art, check out Justin Harrington’s knives. You will be glad you did. Justin Harrington takes inspiration from nature and some of the finest European visual artists and infuses his own vision into custom knives that are as beautiful as they are functional. His love for custom knifemaking is evident in the varied pieces he creates.