Avery Groves

Charlottesville, VA | Inactive

I was born in England UK, and have been residing in the US since 1981. I became a naturalized citizen in 2001.

I have been self-employed as a custom jeweler and designer since 1988 specializing in one-of-a-kind creations in 14 and 18kt. gold, and incorporating fine gemstones and rare minerals. I work alone, hand fabricating each piece without castings, and only use bezel setting of stones to frame and enhance each one. This technique produces a very high quality result which highlights the Gem in a unique way which is both uncluttered and classical, allowing the stone to speak as it were.

As I consider my work more of an art form than production, I exhibit it at high quality art fairs mainly in the Eastern US, though I have sold my work in Canada, UK, Switzerland and Japan. Many of these fairs have awarded me with accolades of excellence.

Finally, I would say that I strive to make each piece as beautifully as I can with great love and care, and guarantee each one equivocally.