Michele Friedman

Chicago, IL | Exhibiting Since 2023

My jewelry is the result of my desire to incorporate color, pattern and texture into my work without setting stones. The color was to be from an alternative source. Through trial and error and consideration of many materials I concluded that wool felt was perfect. The material is durable, pliable, and possesses a rich, saturated color and a hint of texture. I manipulate the felt into shapes and set them like stones into my oxidized sterling and 18k Bi-metal jewelry. This is a technique that I developed on my own to suit my needs.

I have always had a Metal line of jewlery. It too has eveolved over time. In June 2020 I finally added my Metal line online for purchase and have added a number of pieces. It is comprised of oxidized sterling silver, 18k Bi-metal and now some 14k vermeil pieces too. The Metal line can easily be worn with the FELT line as there are many common design elements and components. I am inspired by graphic, product and furniture design as well as architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Vasily Kandinksy are among my many influences. I love Modern Art and Design. I am a native Chicagoan. I went to college at Parsons School of Design In New York City. I currently reside in Chicago with my husband John and our two cats, Rosie and Zero. When I am not on the road I love to travel abroad with my husband, visiting art museums, absorbing cultures and eating great food!