Susannah Ravenswing (Emeritus)

Germanton, NC | Exhibiting Since 1974

Susannah Ravenswing sees herself as a storyteller who tells stories with precious metals, rare gems, fossils and bones. With skill that comes from thirty years at her craft, she fabricates richly detailed and profoundly personal jewelry drawn from myth and legend and inspired by the beauty of nature. As a metalsmith, she is always challenged to manipulate rigid but malleable materials in to a form and surface that is tactilely satisfying and invites the viewer in to her story. Each piece is unique, often designed around an exceptional stone or fossil. Figurative works derive personality from faces she carves from bone and fossil ivories, then stains to enliven. Careful attention to craftsmenship and a subtle range of surface textures, colors and play of light are her goals as an artist.