Glenna Fleiner

Bristol, VA | Exhibiting Since 1992

The natural world and Glenna Fleiner’s response to it is the primary focus of her design aesthetic.
Each piece of jewelry, small object or wall art is a celebration of the fragile, yet enduring aspects of
Nature where endless forms, colors and textures abound.

Using traditional metalsmithing techniques of fabrication, die-forming, forging, soldering and cold-joining (riveting), she crafts pieces from sheet, tubing and wire. Gold, silver, copper, semi-precious gemstones, enamels and sometimes, altered plastics and found objects, are the elements for her expressions. Ritchly-etched and milled surfaces further define her imagery.

Each unique, one-of-a-kind creation is completely made by Glenna with careful attention to
design detail, durability, wearability and consummate craftsmanship.