Jody Ochs

Weaverville, NC | Exhibiting Since 2014

Much of my work includes spiculums; hollow acicular forms, using both synclast and anticlast forming, creating a fluid 3-dimensional organic result. The natural world is my inspiration. All of my work is all hand fabricated, using raw materials, hammers and solder. Although I do repeat ideas, each piece is one of a kind. Many of the pieces incorporate silver, high karat gold and gemstones, while in others I incorporate steel, which is first textured, then formed using hammers, then fused with high karat gold that I alloy myself to attain slightly different colors.
Born in Minnesota, but raised in the Air Force, allowed for influence from different cultures, both in the US and abroad. For 25 years, I made western North Carolina my artistic home, but now spend winters in Florida and summers back in Minnesota.
I also teach the above techniques in private classes, as well as institutions, as well as beginner classes. I absolutely love teaching my craft and the students I meet in that process.