Jody Ochs

Weaverville, NC | Exhibiting Since 2014

My work is cold forming metal for spiculums; hollow acicular forms, as well as other design forms. Starting with flat metal sheet cut to my design preference, the metal is then a formed over a groove on the end grain of a wood block, or a dapping block, using cross-pein hammers. At times the seams are soldered and the pieces are then combined with other spiculums and/or gemstones set in hand fabricated 22 karat gold or fine silver bezels. Some of the forms and spiculums are formed in both anti-clastic and synclastic techniques allowing the curves to flow in different directions. In 2013, I will be adding steel to my line, fused with 22 Karat gold, using the same forming techniques. I will also be incorporating Keum-Boo on Fine silver.