Tom Reardon & Kathleen Doyle

Asheville, NC | Exhibiting Since 1979

Thomas Reardon and Kathleen Doyle named their business partnership “Portfolio Metalwork” back in 1986. A portfolio is a collection of jewelry artworks, and since they had separate identities prior to their meeting, they thought it an appropriate name. It references their wide range of jewelry designs from dimensional mixed metal brooches to gold and precious stone jewelry and commemorative site-specific works. The two met and eventually married when their separate career paths converged in 1981 in California, where Tom was teaching at California State University at Sacramento and Kathleen had accepted a teaching sabbatical position at the California College of Arts and Crafts. After several years in San Francisco, they moved to Portland, Oregon in 1991, believing they were settling down. They eventually decided to move to Asheville, North Carolina drawn by their network of friends combined with the area’s beauty and central location. An invitation from Grovewood Gallery in 1995 to be resident studio artists cemented the decision. Since then they have continued to produce unique jewelry which they show and sell throughout the United States. Their work reflects the knowledge gained from living all aspects of a craftsperson’s life.